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Drums & Percussion-Live/Studio-Tastefully Performed


Linda Ward

"David is a gifted music professional who wears his creative musical heart on his sleeve and always wears his click track in his pocket, and I do mean pocket. David always puts the song first and anyone would be lucky to have him behind the kit."  

 ~Dana Biagini

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Catherine Jones

"David Cates is a drummer's drummer. A man who lives for the song,
plays what's necessary, and is that thing we crave for as
professionals, dependable. As a human being, he'll give you the shirt
of his back and truly cares about helping his fellow man. How many
people do you meet in life where you know what you get, but there's
room to be blown away? David is one of those people."

~Joe Devadanam



“The thing for me, when I look for a drummer to play with, is that they have got to have “big ears”. I mean a real “sense” of the song and the mood I’m trying to convey. Not just the music but the lyrics too, the whole vibe. I‘m always looking for drummers who can really feel what I’m trying to convey in a particular song. And Dave feels into a song in a way that few drummers do.” 

~Shaman Jon Prophet


I've worked with David for a few years now and I'm always impressed with the level of knowledge and musical diversity that he brings to the table.  It really doesn't matter what kind of groove or vibe your going after, David can feel it out and have the right beat in place before you know it.  On a technical level, he is also really good at taking an average groove and contorting it until it's something that can stand on it's own, which as a front man is something I always found extremely valuable.  On top of that, he's an extremely nice guy, super humble and easy to work with.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in hiring a drummer.

~Chase Karl