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Drums & Percussion-Live/Studio-Tastefully Performed

The thing for me, when I look for a drummer to play with, is that they have got to have “big ears”. I mean a real “sense” of the song and the mood I’m trying to convey. Not just the music but the lyrics too, the whole vibe. I ‘m always looking for drummers who can really feel what I’m trying to convey in a particular song. And Dave feels into a song in a way that few drummers do.” says recording artist and performer, Shaman Jon Prophet. 


Like many accomplished drummers, David began his musical explorations early. “I knew I wanted to perform from about the age of 10.” David was inspired by a broad and eclectic array of artists in those neophyte years and began taking formal drum lessons by age 12. David recalls. “I would take my parents garbage cans to the front porch, and begin banging out the rhythms and song ideas that I heard in my head.


Throughout his teens David played in numerous bands, honing his chops and developing his ears but it wasn’t until he began playing with the emerging Baltimore band Ten Times Big that he got his first taste of real success. 

Though the band failed to take it to the next level, David moved on and continued to woodshed, working with clicks and backing tracks, increasing his ability to move around the beat while supporting numerous local and nationally known artists such as indie, alternative act, Dini Bin, touring folk, pop artist, Eddie Elliot, the dynamic rock performer, Jon Prophet as well as Christian hard rock band, Grain of Truth during which time he also had the priveledge of working with famed producers Otto D’agnolo and Ryan Greene

Throughout his career David has sought to emulate the skill and sensibility of legends like Steve Jordan, Steve Gadd and Quest Love specifically because they, as he puts it; “are patient, and lay down exactly what the song calls for with a dash of personality. They can cross the boundaries while making everything they do sound musical and supportive of the song as a whole.” 


David’s contemporary inspirations run an equally wide gamut as he has been introduced to more globally influenced artists and has adopted Middle Eastern and African percussive styles into his own kit and percussion playing. 


David is currently doing studio work with acclaimed rock producer, Ralph Patlan and gigging with Texas/ Nashville country artists Will Carter and Libby Koch as well as perpetually on the hunt for great artists to work with and be inspired by. 


Photographer: Richard Casteel

Musician: David A Cates